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Project Description
Migrate your GeeksWithBlogs blog to Orchard CMS via a BlogML import module for Orchard.

Includes all content, comments, tags and image export and path rewrite.

Exports as a single XML file and images folder with all the images from your blog - currently you will need to import

For more info see my blog post.

// Quick Guide
This project is basically an enhancement on an existing codeplex project MetaWebBlog to BlogML

I have added 3 key parts

  1. Comments for each post (via the comments RSS feed as GWB implementation of the MetaBlog API does not support get comments.
  2. Categories for each post are added to the output
  3. Images - download each image and saves to your local drive and using HtmlAgilityPack it updates the src url in the output.

You can then use this project (Orchard BlogML module) to import the content into Orchard.  

Images you will need to do manually - easiest solution will be to zip the file and let Orchard do it!

Note: If you have a lot of content - you may have to do this!  Otherwise you'll have a time out error!

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